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GVAC: Hope and Faith



Breed: DSH
Age: 4.5 months
Gender: Female
Age Category: Kitten
Kid Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Open For Sponsorship: No

Medical History:

  • good health, spayed, utd with vaccinations

About Hope and Faith

These sisters are 4.5 months old and as cute as all get out. Hope loves to be held and all feathered toys she can put her paws on. In fact she hogs the toys from her sister. She is vocal and will chatter to her foster mama whilst its feeding time or time to clean the litter. She is snuggly and really interested in the resident cat who hisses at her but she still persists. Faith is the leaner version and can be spotted chasing everything that moves. She likes to boop her foster mamas face with her paws when she bends down. She is always up for a play wrestle with her sister and always wins. Faither is a good cuddler too but perfers only to be held for short periods of time. She is most affectionate running by your side or following her person around the house.

The Story Behind Hope and Faith

These beauties were rescued from an over crowded shelter.