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GVAC: Kasey



Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Age Category: Senior
Kid Friendly: No
Pet Friendly: No
Open For Sponsorship: Yes

Medical History:

  • Spayed
  • Old girl, but doing well
  • Has Arthritis.

  • To quote the vet, "Wow" this old girl is in amazing shape, other than arthritis, she is in good health for almost 16.

About Kasey

Kasey hangs out, sleeps most of the day, happily and eagerly gets up to eat her food in the morning,.  Her arthritis causes her to move much slower and stiffer but she will happily sit in your arms and you could rub her face and cheeks all day if you wanted.  Can you offer her the last few  years of her life in a loving and warm home?

She is one sweet, old girl and is exceptionally cuddly.  She loves to crawl up onto your chest, wrap her paws around your neck, and purr, purr, purr!  She is not crazy about my dog, she would probably prefer a home with no dogs, she growls at him when he gets within 3 feet and hasn’t mellowed with that at all.

If you would like to sponsor Kasey to help pay for her medication, please email us at

The Story Behind Kasey

Kasey was brought to the vet by her family to be euthanized as she had an accident on the carpet. She had a urinary infection easily treated by a bout of antibiotics. they didn't want her as they bought a new house and didn't want to chance her doing it again. It makes us sad that she is tossed aside after being with the is family for 15 years.