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GVAC: Koko



Breed: DSH brown
Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Age Category: Adult
Kid Friendly: No
Pet Friendly: No
Open For Sponsorship: No

Medical History:

  • Koko is healthy, spayed, chipped and UtD on shots.

About Koko

Koko is a very unusual looking cat.  Not only is she missing her ears, but she is chocolate brown – which is hardly ever seen.  She is very friendly and likes to greet her foster mom when she gets home and can be quite chatty.  She likes to sit in the sun and is learning to use the cat door to get out on the balcony.  At bedtime, she will settle in for cuddles and then go off on her own.  She is very good with using the litter box.
This princess does not seem to like to eating alone; she likes the company of her foster mom while eating her dinner and if left alone, will choose to follow her instead of eat.  She also likes drinking from a running tap so a cat water fountain might work best for her.  She seems to understand ‘no’ and is a quick learner; she quickly picked up that she was not supposed to be on the table.  She doesn’t seem to mind traveling in the car.
Koko likes to cuddle, but isn’t needy for constant affection and snuggling.  She purrs loudly and  shows affection with head butts and kneading. She is a little bit playful, and does love her catnip toys.
Koko is generally very calm, but still a bit nervous at sudden, loud noises so she would do best in an adult only home.  She also does not seem to like other cats, unknown with dogs.

The Story Behind Koko

Koko came to us via the Prince Albert SPCA. And yes she is missing parts of her ears due to frostbite.