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GVAC: Caramel and Butterscotch



Breed: guinea pig
Age: less than a year
Gender: Female
Age Category: Baby
Kid Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Open For Sponsorship: No

Medical History:

  • Healthy

About Caramel and Butterscotch

These sisters are a perfect balance for the playful cuddler. Butterscotch (nick name “danger piggy” loves to play and adventure while Caramel enjoys quiet cuddle time with scratches and rubs. They are shy at first but after only a few days of getting to know their foster family, they have fallen into a routine of play and cuddle time on the floor. We have been using their veggie salads to warm these ladies up to being handled and it didn’t take long!!

CaramelĀ is the cuddlier of the two. She is putty in our hands and falls asleep in your lap when receiving chinĀ massages. She will purr for rump scratches. LOVES all of her veggies and will do anything for the occasional fruit treat.

Butterscotch is the perfect offset to her sister Caramel. She prefers adventure and enjoys play time with her people on the ground. She will play tug-of-war with you using a hay twist. Peek a boo if you lay down near her tunnel or cave. She will come up and sniff and hand out kisses every few minutes just to make sure you are still with her. Butterscotch gets excited easily and is always ready for play time.

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The Story Behind Caramel and Butterscotch

Caramel and Butterscotch came to GVAC as owner surrenders