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GVAC: Clove and Pepper



Breed: DSH black and tabby
Age: 9 months
Gender: Male
Age Category: Baby
Kid Friendly: No
Pet Friendly: Maybe (They may be OK with another cat. Unsure about dogs)
Open For Sponsorship: No

Medical History:

  • Clove and Pepper are UtD on shots, fixed and in good health

About Clove and Pepper

Clove is a sweet, petite little kitty who will do just about anything for a temptation. She has recently discovered that she loves snuggles. Her interests include mewing softly, acting solicitous, and delicately exploring her environment. Clove is looking for someone to love her for more than her special, unique, and sought-after cloud-leopard-like coat.

In contrast, Pepper has the looks and personality of a tiny black panther. He is becoming a big boy who would probably enjoy hunting house flies and a laser pointer. However if you catch him at the right moment he too will curl up in your lap and purr like a lawn-mower. Interests include pouncing, lounging, nibbling parmesan, protecting his little sister from threats, and windows.

Pepper and Clove have a bond that supersedes time and space, heaven and earth, and therefore must be adopted together. Their ideal human would have the time and patience to help them realize their full snuggling potential.


The Story Behind Clove and Pepper

Clove and Pepper came to GVAC a semi-feral kittens