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GVAC: Olive


Breed: domestic
Age: 5 months
Gender: Female
Age Category: Teenager
Kid Friendly: Maybe
(As always, bunnies are better suited for older children as they do not like to be picked up.) Pet Friendly: Yes
Open For Sponsorship: No

Medical History:

  • vaccinated, spay is pending

About Olive

Olive came to us tiny and injured, but with lots of love and care from her foster parents, she has blossomed into a confident and sassy young bunny.  She is litter trained and is looking for an indoor home where she can be free range when supervised.  She tolerates being picked up but like most rabbits, does not like it and prefers to keep her feet on the ground at all times…except when she is binkying.  She is also very social and seems to want the company of other rabbits so she would be an ideal candidate to bond to a single bunny.  She also likes cats and will play ‘cat and mouse’ with her feline foster sister.

The Story Behind Olive

Olive came to GVAC as an injured stray