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GVAC: Polly



Breed: DSH gray tabby
Age: 9 months
Gender: Female
Age Category: Kitten
Kid Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Open For Sponsorship: No

Medical History:

  • Polly is spayed, vaccinated, delfead, dewormed

About Polly

Meet Polly, a female tabby around 9 months old with special extra toes on both paws – yes, she is polydactyl and her little paws look exactly like mittens. She is VERY social and loves company – your company, your family’s & friend’s company! She is very playful, her favorite game being playing with the string toy, at times she will also play “fetch” the toy! Leave some toys around and she will entertain herself. Polly is very affectionate and wants to hang around her humans, loves cuddling, sits on the lap, understands the command “come” and will always be around to make sure you are not alone, also, she purrs almost non-stop when given attention.  This is why we feel she will make the perfect addition to a family that mostly has someone at home, for Polly to accompany. She is good with kids, as being one herself she enjoys play time. Guilty confession by her fosters, she also plays “swat the flies” on the tab, her screen time is however, strictly limited. That being said, Polly is still finding her personality and the family adopting her could have a great influence on her as she grows into an adult cat. From what we know of her already, she’s fun loving, very curious and simply heart-warming.

The Story Behind Polly

Polly was transferred to GVAC from a shelter