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GVAC: Sassy



Breed: Domestic Long Hair tabby
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Age Category: Senior
Kid Friendly: Maybe
(Possibly older children) Pet Friendly: Maybe (She would likely do OK with another mild mannered cat )
Open For Sponsorship: No

Medical History:

  • Sassy has been living under veterinary care since August 2015 because of medical needs for her thyroid gland and care which have been brought under control. She needs topical application of medication to her ears twice a day. Very easy to do, kind of like dabbing on perfume to each ear. No big deal and she is otherwise healthy, spayed and UtD on shots

About Sassy

Foster Sassy is 12 years old  (born May 2003).  She is absolutely gorgeous with huge eyes and is very affectionate.  She is quite curious in her new surroundings and is tolerating her foster sister; because she did live with another cat we think she might do OK with other cats in the house provided they giver her space.  She does not really want to interact at this point, but that may change.  She doesn’t mind and maybe even likes being groomed which is important for a long haired cat.  She loves catnip!

She will need a fairly quiet home to hang out for her retirement years…where she can perch on a windowsill and watch the outside world.  This girl deserves a happy ending!





The Story Behind Sassy

The previous owner could no longer care for her so his daughter stepped in to help with the care of the two cats. One was adopted quite quickly but Sassy remained in the care of veterinary office while she gained her health back. She is now in a GVAC foster home.