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GVAC: Starsky


Breed: DSH
Age: 12 years
Gender: Male
Age Category: Senior
Kid Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Maybe (He doesn't love dogs but may tolerate a quiet, older one)
Open For Sponsorship: No

Medical History:

  • Good health, neutered, utd on shots

About Starsky

Starksy-You are probably wondering whom this handsome striking cat is. Well he is approximately a 12 year old male model. He comes with a super soft coat and doesn’t seem to shed much. He loves to have a cuddle nap once an a while and will happily sleep in on the end of the bed with out disturbing you at all.

He’s a pro bird watcher and people watcher through the windows around him. I will see him quite often chasing his tail in circles trying to catch it then giving it a good groom, like he finally realizes it’s attached. He rarely talks and when he does it’s meaningful as well as cute because he really tries to find his voice but you can hardly hear it.

He’s a mellow cat and loves the company of people. Not sure about young kids and he wasn’t a huge fan of a friends dog but did tolerate.

Starksy would make a great addition to any lovely quiet home, to chill and relax with lots of chin rubs. Purr’s will be included in this package deal.

The Story Behind Starsky

Starsky was an owner surrender