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GVAC: Tabese


Breed: Domestic Short HairLynx Point with Snowshoes
Age: 5 to 8 years old
Gender: Male
Age Category: Adult
Kid Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Maybe (Loves other cats, but does not like Dogs.)
Open For Sponsorship: No

Medical History:

  • Vaccinated and neutered
  • Missing and chipped teeth

About Tabese

When he first came to us we couldn’t get near him as all he would do was hiss and growl and spit. After a few days of talking to him he was allowing me to pet him…a few days later and he was talking to come out of his enclosure….a couple of weeks later it was like he was always a house cat.  He loves to sleep with you and sit on your lap and purr.  He is a love bite cat, but NEVER hurts.
He lets me clean his ears and cut his nails (one at a time and not all in one sitting ;). He loves kids and cats and adults but does NOT LIKE DOGS.

The Story Behind Tabese

Tabese was a "dumped" kitty who with 2 others came from the same household. The owners up and moved and left the 3 cats behind to fend for themselves outdoors for the past 3 or more years.