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Pet-fostering: Foster Standards

Our Foster Program is designed provide a safe, temporary home for shelter animals requiring extra care and nurturing. Foster care volunteers play a vital role by aiding in the recovery of animals until they become adoptable.

Please read the following and if you accept these terms and conditions then fill out our Foster Application.

The foster home agrees that if at any time GVAC  Rescue determines that the animal is not cared for humanely or up to GVAC Rescue standards that the foster home will upon request promptly return the animals to GVAC Rescue.

The Foster home agrees that The Greater Victoria Animals’ Crusaders assumes no responsibility or liability for injury or illness to any other pets in their home, injury or illness to themselves or others while in their care and are not responsible for damages incurred by the foster pet.

The Greater Victoria Animals’ Crusaders is harmless with regard to this agreement and in the placement of the pet into foster care, and the foster home fully recognizing that unpaid volunteers, with the best of intentions, make this placement.

GVAC Rescue helps stray, homeless animals; therefore, their background history is not known. The foster home agrees that GVAC Rescue is not able to guarantee any aspect of the animals’ nature or health.

1. The foster home agrees that medical care required for an animal due to neglect of the animal or disregard of this contract shall be the responsibility of the foster person.
Neglect is defined as:”Pet care that contradicts reasonable Veterinary standards.”

Included but not limited to:

  1. Any animal left unattended for more than 24 hours, deprived of a supply of food or water to their detriment;
  2. Allowing a female pet to be bred,
  3. Allowing the animal access to hazardous and/or harmful materials
  4. Allowing any cosmetic surgery not approved in advance by GVAC Rescue such as ear cropping, tail docking or de-clawing a cat
  5. Or to in any way care for the animal in a manner deemed neglectful by GVAC Rescue.

2. The person providing the foster home agrees that:

  1. The foster pet shall be kept as an indoor family pet
  2. The foster pet shall be allowed to free feed (cat only) or be fed at least twice daily and in amounts to maintain proper body weight or as recommended by the Veterinarian.
  3. The foster pet shall have access to fresh water at all times.
  4. The foster pet shall receive care and personal attention to maintain social skills as deemed necessary for a pet.
  5. For a Cat: A litter box with litter will be available except when the cat is in a carrier being transported between locations, such as a trip to the Veterinarian. The litter box will be scooped daily and the litter replaced fully at least once per week.
  6. The foster pet shall be supervised while interacting with any and all other animals not owned by the fosterer and for an adequate period with the animals owned by the fosterer after initial placement with the fosterer to assure that the other animals will not cause harm to the pet.
  7. The foster pet shall be supervised while initially interacting with any and all children. After the initial period of supervised interaction, unsupervised interaction may be allowed if the safety of both the pet and the child appears reasonably assured. Young children should never be left unattended with any pet.
  8. The foster pet shall be kept in a safe and clean environment with adequate room to exercise and protected from conditions, experiences, and substances unsafe for any pet.
  9. The foster person shall immediately to notify GVAC Rescue of any heath or behavior concern pertinent to the foster pet.
  10. The foster person shall immediately notify GVAC Rescue should the foster pet become lost or stolen.
  11. The foster person may not transfer the pet to any other person without the express written consent from GVAC Rescue.