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Adoption: Adoption Process

The adoption process steps help GVAC Rescue learn what is wonderful about your personality and lifestyle. It is also designed to help you learn more about which animal would be a perfect match for you.

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The adoption process can be daunting, but worth it when you bring home your new family member


Consider the ways in which you will meet the lifelong needs of a pet:

  • Have you planned for expenses?
  • Is there time in your schedule for walks, training, attention and play?
  • Are your children of an appropriate age?
  • Will possible life changes such as moving, changing your work schedule, starting a family, going back to school etc. affect your ability to provide good care?

The second step to all adoptions is an application form needs to be filled out and submitted to GVAC Rescue. After the application is approved, you will be contacted for a home visit.


A home visit is done for all adoptions, which allows us to meet you and your family and discuss any special needs and proper methods of introducing the new pet into your home.


After the home visit and you are approved, you can now go meet your possible new family member! We will arrange for you to go visit the animal you have chosen in the foster home.

If you decide after meeting him/her at that time you can take him/her with you that day.

Printable adoption application forms should be mailed to:

GVAC Rescue
PO Box #28166, Canwest Mall
Victoria, BC, V9B 5E0

Printable adoption application forms can be scanned and emailed to

We realize that to some our application process may be a bit more cumbersome but we hope that you can appreciate that these animals have all had a rough start in life and we are here to ensure that we find the best home for each animal and find the perfect match for you as well.

In order to do this we find the application form very helpful in finding the best fit for you both. The home visit is a way for us to meet you and as well answer any questions you may have and discuss the proper way to introduce the new animal into your home.

As you can imagine finding a home for these animals is difficult and our heart is in each and every one, so being able to meet you in person is a way for us to find comfort and joy in placing them with you! We are not here to “sell” pets we are here for their welfare and best interest and to find them a home for life!

We appreciate your cooperation and we hope you find this process worthwhile and take pride in knowing you are helping rescue an animal in need and that we together are helping make a difference in these animals’ lives.

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